Elixrysos is a herbal apothecary on the beautiful island of Kythira in Greece. It is owned by  Sara Scopsi who is a western medicinal herbalist with a degree from the University of East London. BSc(hons) Herbal Medicine.

Herbalists use botanical medicines and foods to support an individual’s health and correct any imbalances. Herbal medicine provides a natural and more gentle treatment for health conditions with generally fewer side effects than conventional medicine.

At Elixrysos we have a wide variety of herbal products, including creams and salves; tinctures; blended teas, capsules and herbal powders. Many popular products are already formulated  but we’re happy to custom make any product for an individual’s need.

As well as health products we make beauty face creams, body lotions, sun screens, hair products and personal hygiene products.

We are committed to using organic, ethically sourced herbs, local beeswax and bee products, local organic olive oil and other natural ingredients.